B1: Bringing Luxury to Your Roommate Living

Two bedroom floor plan at Lincoln Galleria Apartments in Houston

So, You’re living with a roommate this time around? If this is something that you have yet to experience, get ready for quite the experience. Generally, roommate living situations are not a problem but this does not speak for all of them. Here at the luxury apartment community of Lincoln Galleria, in Houston, TX, we believe that roommate living is a lot easier with us. In this piece will use our B1 luxury 2 bedroom 2-bathroom unit to display why choosing us brings luxury and ease to your roommate living.

Amenity for the Both of You

Our B1 unit, as well as the other units we have, is full of luxury amenities that are great for both you and your roommate. You both will be able to enjoy tiled entry ways, bathrooms and kitchen along with the option of a fire place. There are also other amenities provided like the nicely sized patio that is able to be decorated and utilized however you see fit.

Luxury in Privacy

The B1 unit is also great for a roommate because of the way that it is setup. Both parties are given private areas of home in the B1. Both rooms are located on opposite sides and have their own bathroom. This gives you and the person living with you enough space to get away if you need to. Although interaction and activity with your roommate is encouraged, because of the beneficial things that can be gained from a positive relationship with your roommate, sometimes you just need your own personal space. Also, there is a lot of space given to the both of you throughout the home. You can utilize the dining room and living room areas for personal or group entertainment.

If you want to get the best out of your roommate living situation and haven’t found any places that are worthy of your selection, come by and see us so that we can get you and your roommate on your way to luxury apartment living.



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